In Due Time

“To my dearest friend Isabella, whom my words could never ring fully, and my meanings exaggerated, though my memories ever happy.”

Tick tock goes the clock, tick tock tick tock it goes twice more. Tumbling down it crashes and bang it rings, again and again. In a coffin it wobbles, mallets hammering upon one another. Nine o’clock read the clock, tickety tock, tickety tock.

Perhaps the steady rhythm, or such precise shuddering sends each hair on the back standing in a march formation. As sure as the soldiering clock, each dagger of sunlight pierces the fort of curtain-smothered darkness such a thing is secluded to. The tick tock that burns as righteously as the thumping of my heart, etching into the very fabric of what I dream. The golden light sweeps over the blind echoing tick tock, immersing me in a constant ping of sound.

This body twitches and squirms, writhing within the sheets of fabric it’s enveloped in. Strands of hair rustle against the colourless pillow. Scratches of trolleys pierce through such thin walls, adding layers upon the canvas of running ink. Antennas ruffle under the duvet, spraying colour towards the stencilling. Eyes are shocked open, though no light falls through the ocean of stony grey.

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Weekly rant on content updates, plans and gaming

I’ve steadily learnt a few things over my time writing for ZeAnime, namely where I would like this blog to go in terms of community and content.

A new piece of creative writing has been published, titled ‘Death and Rebirth‘, and an opinion piece will be posted on Wednesday or Friday depending on how I decide to schedule my posts.

For a while now I’ve questioned the quality and frequency of posts on this site. On one hand I want this blog to be noticed, and to do that I’d need to post every day or so, simply so the chances of people clicking onto my content is bolstered, however to do that would most likely mean that the quality would differ greatly. With the added benefit of this blog feeling more like a job than an avenue of paced practice for my own writing skills, the model of multiple posts on a daily schedule isn’t appealing. The keyword is of course ‘appealing’, as it won’t bring in as many viewers as I’d hope to, but then again I don’t expect this blog to blow up any time soon.

As a general rule from here and onwards I plan to post a couple posts per week, excluding these weekly updates. For some of my recent followers, who I assume took notice of me from my story called Death Note, I can only say that I will be posting more writing on this blog, however it will rarely ever be the main focus of ZeAnime, given the name.

And now, on the bloggy sides of things I haven’t been up to much. I’ve gotten back into Deus Ex Human Revolution, which I strongly recommend you guys pick up at some stage. That and the sequel ‘Deus Ex Mankind Divided’ has been announced, which I’m desperately hoping will get a  Mac release considering how much I loved the first, though I somewhat doubt that will happen. I’m also pondering getting into the Mass Effect trilogy as I’m dying for a strong RPG to steal my time away from me.

Amongst my gaming resurgence, which trust me is rare because I struggle to maintain attention on most things, I’ve been listening to both the Bloodborne OST and the original Whiplash song by Don Ellis, from which the movie Whiplash is based off. It’s an amazing song with great trumpet pieces and a sexy baritone and piano call and response segment.

Before I head off I’d like to welcome the newly joined Bearzachan, Elan Mudrow and of course DF, to the blog. I hope you enjoy what I’ve to offer over the coming weeks and whatnot. Feel free to leave your thoughts on how you find the blog and what grabbed your interest.

Anyway that’s been my life over the past week. What’s earned your attention recently? Leave a comment below, and until next time, have fun.

Death and Rebirth

When someone is unique in each and every way, is there any point to achieving our own little schemes? When someone is unique in each and every way, surely they’ve mastered their own true intention on the most basic starved foundation of thought? When we all make our mark on this pretty little flower of a world, then there is no more purpose to living on for we’ve reached the threshold of idealistic eternity? See, there is one thing our utterly unique and sickly individual minded society strives for with each stride.

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Death Note

Slowly, almost timidly, I remove myself from the thing’s embrace, my breathing still ragged as I fall back onto the soft scattered sheets with a soft creak of the bed, falling deeper and deeper into the pleasant padding. It’s breathing is heavier than my own, sending chills down my body, hairs standing on end, frightened of the prying gaze. Continue reading